The club today

Rosslyn Park FC is a wonderful, warm and welcoming club with an active social membership embracing a culture of inclusion, diversity and friendliness that is synonymous with grass roots rugby clubs.

The Senior Men’s Squad, a semi-professional team, currently play in National League One (Two below Premiership) and have consistently performed in recent years as a top contender for promotion to the Championship.

The Club has recently reignited its desire for a first-class women’s team with the re-launch of the Women’s Programme. This is a new era for Rosslyn Park and it is hoped that within 5 to 8 years they will be competing at a similar standard as the senior men’s squad.

Our social teams are highly competitive amongst their leagues and have enjoyed a number of successes both on and off the field, including touring regularly around the world. Each social team has its own traditions, but one thing remains consistent amongst them all is the desire to enjoy the game, have a few laughs and share a pint or two in the club house afterwards.

The Minis & Youth section of our club is one of the largest in the country and is the backbone of any club. We are incredibly fortunate to have such a great team of volunteers, coaches and parents that work incredibly hard to deliver a fun and inclusive programme for the club.

We are more than just a Rugby Club, having in recent years established a very success Netball programme. We currently have 3 Netball teams competing in Surrey League Premier A (1st Team), Kingston & District Division 5 (Reds 2nd in 2021/22 season) and Kingston & District Division 12 (Blues unbeaten in 2021/22 season).

Exciting times ahead for the club, as we have just launched our new Community Programme which seeks to forge better links with our local community and deliver fun and engaging coaching across a range of sports disciplines.