Winners: Surrey President’s Plate Prettiest Boys XV 2019

‘Highly commended’: Surrey Championship 2018/19 season

Proud owners: 4% of Paul Doran-Jones for the 2019/20 National One season

The Nomads, embrace the esprit de corps of the bygone amateur era as a hard touring social side and were once (and only once) referred to by a certain English World Cup Winning centre as epitomising “what rugby is all about”.

Eager amateur historians will be pleased to note that The Nomads claim an important place in rugby history as the remaining link to the Marlborough Nomads, one of the 21 founding clubs of the modern RFU. The Marlborough Nomads joined Rosslyn Park in 1911. An annual fixture is now played against the new Marlborough side.

The Nomads play their unique style of social rugby in Surry RFU Championship and are always on the lookout for talented players who have no interest in training/or are too constrained by other aspects of adulthood to deceive themselves that a pro contract from Harlequins is still forthcoming at the age of 31. So if you enjoy the smell of deep heat, and regaling in eye-wateringly-minute detail that time when you played Nat 2 and scythed through for a 55m score, 9 years ago, then we may be the team for you (as long as you refrain from talking about semi-pro rugby and training ever again).

A ‘healthy’ social life in the non-medical use of the term is enjoyed by the Nomads, and the social calendar includes annual overseas tours (last 3: Genoa, Cape Town, Antwerp), a 3 course Christmas Lunch, a Thameside Summer BBQ as well as many other less formal social engagements. It’s worth noting that we’re not ‘one of those’ rugby clubs. Whilst we enjoy the beers and a good laugh, do keep the mind-bendingly depraved antics to your next work social, or Uncle Clive’s 60th.

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