How to Join

Joining the Minis or Youth section – 2023/24 Season

At Rosslyn Park our philosophy is that children will only learn if they are enjoying themselves. We welcome everyone, regardless of ability. Rosslyn Park Minis & Youth judge success by whether our players want to come back each week. We aim to coach the basic skills of the game and above all to instil a love of rugby which will last a lifetime. In addition we aim to develop players of all abilities to help them achieve their full potential. The Minis and Youth set up at Rosslyn Park is based on a thriving and happy bunch of players supported by active and engaged parents.

Online Registration and Payment

All Mini & Youth registrations are now made through Membership Section of this website.

Payments are made online through the Stripe Secure Payment Gateway. Your card details will be secure. For the payment element on our site the transaction has to be carried out by Paypal in a separate window.


Come on down to Park

If you would like to join Rosslyn Park please email who will be happy to advise you of the process.

Rates and subscriptions 2023/24

To become a Mini or Youth player at Rosslyn Park it is necessary to become a member of the Club and pay the appropriate subscription.

All new players ae allowed a one-week trial period during which they can decide whether Park is the club for them. The age group manager for the appropriate age group(s) should be contacted to organise the trial day.

All Minis and Youth members are classed as full members of Rosslyn Park Football Club and enjoy free access to all the home 1st XV games. Membership includes a season ticket for one or two parents (family membership) who also gain free entry to all 1st XV home games.

  • Single Minis or Youth membership – £220 – Membership for 1 adult/parent and 1 child
  • Family membership – £340 – Membership for 2 adults/parents and more than 1 child
Membership Types FAQ:

Q. I have three or more children in my family – how much do I pay?
A. Please pay Family Membership at £340 per annum.

Registration payment deadlines

Payment of subscriptions for mini and youth members must be received by the club by the 1st September 2024, in order that players are insured before the start of the season.

Players joining at the start or in the middle of the season are permitted a trial period of one week before committing to the season. If they continue attending after one week the payment must be made immediately to the club. This ensures the player is insured.