Rosslyn Park Community Programme

One of our core principles as a club is to have a recognised positive impact on our geographic community, particularly in sports education, health and well-being. We launched our Community Programme in June 2022 to fulfil this commitment. 

Our community programme has three main objectives:

1. Run an active Schools programme for Rugby Union, Netball and cricket

We aim to develop and assist any school wishing to utilise our expertise in both Rugby Union and Netball.

Find out more about our Community School Programme here

2. Increase youth engagement and participation with the Club 

We will be working alongside our age-group volunteers and partner schools to increase youth engagement with the club and ensure that Rosslyn Park is accessible to everyone.

3. Support our local communities in any way possible through goodwill initiatives and emergency response campaigns

The launch of the Rosslyn Park Community Programme is a truly exciting time for the Club, and we hope our supporters feel the same way. If you would like to get involved through volunteering or otherwise, please contact