Rosslyn Park Nomads rowing The Med

Four Rosslyn Park Nomads are currently competing in the 2023 NOMAN Island Race to End HPV, where they will be rowing from Ibiza to Barcelona.

None of the team are rowers but they will be doing their best to get from start to finish in as quick a time as possible, all whilst battling the fierce Mediterranean heat and navigating busy shipping lanes.

They departed from the party island of Ibiza on the 24th of July, and are hoping to raise as much money as possible for NOMAN. Their fundraising target is £20,000 and are reaching out to the Park family to support them on their journey.

Donations can be made here.

NOMAN’s Mission

The charity NOMAN raises awareness about the Human Papilllomavirus (HPV) related cancer epidemic in men and women, and campaigns for universal HPV vaccination, while challenging participants to extreme endurance races across the world. HPV is telle causal agent of 5% of all cancers, yet the vast majority of people remain unaware of the link between the two outside of cervical cancer. We can prevent HPV cancers simply by vaccinating both boys and girls against HPV. We won’t until every country is doing so.