Remembering Peter Berryman

Rosslyn Park FC are extremely saddened to learn of the passing of former Club President Peter Berryman

Rosslyn Park FC are extremely saddened to learn of the passing of former Club President Peter Berryman.

The thoughts of everyone at the Club are with Peter’s family and friends at this difficult time.

Peter’s dedication to and passion for Rosslyn Park was immense, serving as Player, Coach, Honourary Secretary and, most recently, President. He will remain an integral figure in the Club’s history.

Rosslyn Park President Nick Goddard said:

“Peter, despite his diminutive stature, was a larger than life person. He came to us having completed his Military Service in Plymouth, playing for Combined Services and then starting his career in London as scrum half at Blackheath. 

He would tell the lovely story of being reprimanded after his first game when he called the ball as “Blackheath, coming in now.” At the conclusion of the match he was informed that Blackheath, being one of the oldest members of the RFU, was always known as “Club”. A mistake he never made again.

I can’t tell you when Peter actually joined Rosslyn Park, but he played in the first game ever to be played at The Rock. He was an extremely able scrum half and soon moved into coaching, where once again he could use his experience and abilities to the best advantage. He also served as a matchmaker in that he introduced his children’s Austrian au pair, Elisabeth, to Andy Ripley. The rest, as far as Andy is concerned, is history.

Peter continued his work with the Club, serving as club secretary and of course President. He was always known for his very corny jokes that kept everybody amused. His energy, despite the fact that he was in his 10th decade, was indomitable, and it is only recently that he gave up playing tennis and golf at the Roehampton Club where he also served on the board. Sadly, he lost his wife Gillian 12 years ago, but was lucky to find another partner who brought a new spring to Peter’s step.

Peter has been wonderfully supported by his family over the past few difficult months, when his health has been failing. 

A true club man. He will be missed by so many.”

A minute’s silence will be held at Rosslyn Park vs Esher to remember Peter and his enormous contribution to the Club.