Findmykit – keep tabs on your stash

We understand that lost property is an issue, for which findmykit has a revolutionary solution saving time, money, and the environment! Items belonging to findmykit members that have one of our smart tags attached which, when mislaid, can be scanned by Rosslyn Park, an instant notification is sent to the registered owner alerting them that their item has been found and where they can reclaim their property. Those expensive belongings are no longer lost, just temporarily misplaced. Members are supplied with all the necessary products for their items, as well as many other additional member benefits.

Findmykit both reduces the inconvenience of replacing those costly items and reduces CO2 emissions from waste incineration, reuniting lost property with their owners.

Players (or the parents/carers of our younger players!) can sign-up to the service via the link below. Please make sure that you select Rosslyn Park as your associated organisation.