COVID-19 Testing from our Sponsors MyHealthcare Clinic

MyHealthcare Clinic and the COVID Crisis Rescue Foundation have been working hard to help small businesses and local communities stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic and support the NHS. As life starts to return to normal, MyHealthcare Clinic is now able to offer private COVID-19 Swab and antibody testing for those who are not currently eligible via the NHS. Whether you’d like to find out our status as you return to work or look to visit loved ones, or if you need a certificate to travel.

Results are available in 2-3 days from Public Health England and UKAS accredited laboratories.

The accuracy of the Abbott Antibody Test and Swab Tests have been confirmed at 100% Specificity (True Negative) and 98% Sensitivity (True Positive).

Certificate for Travel available on request.

Prices range from £69 to £149

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