MATCH REPORT: Tiffin Gold vs Kingston Blues

Tiffin gold vs RPNC Blues

Saturday 6th April

Starting line up: GS – Lara, GA – Kate, WA – Zoe, C – Charlotte, WD – Liv, GD – Nana, GK – Annabel

Sub – Izzy

Heading into the last game of the season for Kingston blues, it was a tough match from the start, losing Kate to injury in the first couple of minutes. Izzy came on as GS (out of position) and Lara moved to GA. The team fought hard with great centre court work from Char, Liv and Zoe to bring the ball down into the attacking D.

The team stayed the same for the second quarter, going in strong with some people out of their usual positions. Annabel and Nana were on fire in the defensive circle, making multiple turnovers and whilst keeping a calm atmosphere. Lara and Izzy were up against two very strong defenders but did their best to work together, considering Izzy’s debut at GS!

Going into the second half 19-11 down, the team were still working well with great movement down the court. The support around the attacking circle from Zoe and Char was great, allowing Izzy and Lara to create space and get shots up. Everyone gave it their all with positivity and determination.

Considering everyone played a full game at 100%, the last quarter was our best, which we drew. Digging deep, the squad showed great teamwork and support throughout the court. With one swap between Nana (well deserved away POM) and Annabel who were smashing it in defence, and great assists from Liv, we finished the game with a humble 37-26 loss.