MATCH REPORT: Tiffin C vs Kingston Blues



Rosslyn Park Blues faced Tiffin C on a wet and dreary Saturday morning at Nonsuch School, in a performance that demonstrated resilience, teamwork and great energy. Starting line-up: Charli Hicks (GS), Lara Thompson (GA), Maddie Dean (WA), Izzy Murphy (C), Liv Murch (WD), Nana Totoe (GD) and Jess Turpin (GK) with Zoë Grigg, Kate Hughes and Charlotte McDonough completing the squad.

The first quarter was a little shock to the system whilst we adapted to the conditions, new combinations, and a very strong shooting combination from Tiffin. Tiffin was able to generate a fast start, which meant we ended the first quarter behind by 6 goals, a score of 15-9.

Bringing on the freshest of legs in the second quarter, Kate at GA and Charlotte at GK, Blues focused on clean passes, getting in front of the ball and high quality feeds into the circle. Some fantastic interceptions in defence from Jess & Charlotte meant that the centre court could bring the ball through the court with some excellent drives from Liv & Maddie. Kate rampaged around the D, with some fabulous feeds into Charli. Blues pulled back to make the score level at 23-23.

The third quarter saw Lara back on at GA, Kate WA and Maddie to C to bring fresh legs against a very springy defence. Blues continued to keep their tenacity and focus, not to get stressed and just to play their own game. Jess and Char kept the shooters on their toes, securing lots of turnovers that were brough down the court seamlessly by Maddie & Kate. This consistency meant that Tiffin’s play started to break down which meant that Blues pulled ahead to 30-34 going into the last quarter.

The fourth quarter is when Blues showed their experience and unrivalled teamwork. All areas of the court stepped it up, with some incredible interceptions from Char, Jess & Liv – the circle became impenetrable, and the attacking end were able to convert these turnovers into goals, goals, and more goals! Blues managed to end the game with a cracking score of 34-50.

A big shoutout to the POMs: away POM, Charli, who’s shooting partnerships with both Lara & Kate were amazing! Charli’s holds and screens in the D against some feisty & springy defenders were fire & shooting was on point! And to the home POM, Charlotte, dropping into GK, she made so many turnovers & interceptions that pulled our score back so much!

Now to continue to the new winning streak against Worcester Park C on the 16th March.