MATCH REPORT: Teddington Thunder A vs Kingston Red



Kingston Reds played Teddington Thunder A this Saturday, resulting in a brilliant 40-22 win. Gabs Cross GK, Sim Kirkpatrick GD, Kate Waskett WD, Hannah Gilbert C, Milly Marsh WA, Tash Eeles GA and Pip Medley GS made up the starting 7.

First quarter: 8-7 to Park

Park came out with a very clear focus on clean, calm play and a positive mindset. With only 8 players and new combinations on court, we knew we needed to pace ourselves and play a steady first quarter. Park used the quarter to find their feet, Milly WA and Tash GA trialing options on the centre pass and Kate WD and Sim GD working nicely to support flow of ball up court. However, Thunder’s attack was linking up nicely and with a strong defensive unit of a smart & speedy GD and a tall GK, Park had some things to think about going into the second.

Second quarter: 18-12 to Park

Park came into the second with a focus on building a strong goal difference. Centre court did a fantastic job at controlling pace of play, working nicely to bring the ball down court safely. Milly, WA and Tash, GA began to find their groove against Thunder’s defence timing their drives to pocket perfectly, with Pip playing a very strong holding shooter, providing clear options in the circle. Both Hannah, C and Kate, WD had a storming quarter with impressive interceptions, showcasing their ability to read the game.

Third quarter: 28-18 to Park

Parks defensive pressure remained. Kate, WD and Hannah, C continued to work hard, masterfully timing their moves to interrupt play. Sim, GD and Gabs, GK proving a very effective paring, reading off each other well to pick up each other’s player, confuse the space and force long range shots resulting in numerous tips and clean turnovers. The calm, confident flow down court and full team effort was a delight. We saw some impressive long bombs from Tash, GA and skilful pops from Pip, GS allowing Park to establish a comfortable lead.

Final Score: 40-22 to Park

In the final quarter Park dug deep to extend the score line. The defensive styles of Abby, GD and Gabs, GK were a very strong match for Thunder’s GA and GS keeping them high and wide, forcing long balls into, and across the circle which Gabs and Abby were able to cleanly pick off. We saw great vision from Milly, WA and Tash, GA who were confidently playing the ball around the circle edge with Hannah and Milly timing some delightful feeds into Pip. Some would describe the flow as poetry in motion. The opposition player of the match was WD, Kate and the home player C Hannah, both of whom had an epic game. A big thanks to Thunder for a very clean, enjoyable game!