MATCH REPORT: Kingston Reds vs Teddington Thunder A

Kingston Reds 79-30 Teddington Thunder A

Saturday 30th September

Starting line up: Bella Ellis (GS), Milly Marsh (GA),  Tash Eeeles (WA), Charlotte Stafford (C), Kate Waskett (WD), Simone Kirkpatrick (GD), Gabs Cross (GK)

Substitutes: Hannah Gilbert, Charli Hicks and Lauren Garnham

On Saturday the Kingston Reds took on Teddington thunder who moved up to Division 4 alongside us this season. Following last weeks terrific win, the girls were raring to go from the first whistle. The only change to last week’s starting line up was Tash coming in at WA and from the offset absolutely stormed the Teddington WD with her pocket drives and feeds into the circle. From these feeds in and the attacking units solidarity,  Park were soon 13-2 up. Defence showed last week was no fluke, with Gabs and Sim plucking balls out the air to then be worked straight down the court through Kate and Charlotte for our attackers Bella and Milly to capitalise on the turned over balls. The quarter ended with a brilliant 21 goal lead. (26-5)

In the second quarter, Teddington showed real resilience and character despite the score line and Park once more showed skill and class to continue to own the game. Milly and Bella worked their way around the circle nicely to create goal scoring opportunities time and time again. Charlotte at Centre set the pace of the game through defence to attack, while Kate took more great intercepts as well as applying pressure to force the errors of her opposition. Not only were the defence forcing such errors but our attacking unit were proving keen to get involved in the action, with the example of Tash taking an intercept from Teddington in our own attacking third to send to Bella for another goal. (43-15)

In the third quarter, impact players came on, with Charli coming on for Milly at GA, Hannah for Charlotte at C and Lauren for Kate at WD, while Kate moved into GK for Gabs. Teddington were looking tired at this stage in the game so the fresh legs provided optimal opportunity to achieve the games focus of getting as many goals in the net as possible, which Charli and Bella effortlessly managed throughout the quarter. The new defensive unit worked as a pack to close down the space, allowing both Lauren and Bert to intercept within the Teddington goal third, closing efforts down that were made to put the ball in their circle. Sim continued to do what she does best and hunt the ball, going on the fly and taking possession from the Teddington attack. (62-24)

In the final quarter, Milly came back on at GA, while Charli moved into the GS position and Gabs back on at GK. Defensively, Gabs, Sim and Lauren denied Teddington both the space to create goals and the chance to feed in, allowing the opposition only 6 goals in this quarter. Following great endurance and athleticism throughout the third quarter and start to the fourth, a nasty knock to the head and a side of whiplash saw Hannah be replaced by Charlotte while she got checked over on the sideline. All units worked seamlessly together to capitalise on our centre passes to goal as well as to protect and carry the ball from defence through to attack, allowing Charli to stand strong and Milly to make the circle drives, with both ladies scoring the goals to finish off the game that gave us a 79-30 victory over Teddington. Oppositions player went to Tash while Players’ player was awarded to Charlotte, showing our mid court were absolutely shining on Saturday! Well played ladies! We go again on the 7th Oct against Fetcham A (11.30AM, University of Roehampton). Final Score: Park 79-30 Teddington.