MATCH REPORT: Kingston Blues vs Tiffin Gold

Rosslyn Park Blues 46-35 Tiffin Gold

Saturday 2nd December

Stepping out in the bone-chilling temperatures of -2 degrees, Rosslyn Park Blues faced off against Tiffin Gold in a thrilling netball match on Saturday. The biting cold did little to dampen the spirits of the players and the amazing supporters.

Starting line-up: GS: Pip, GA: Kate, WA: Maddie, C: Tash, WD: Charlotte, GD: Lucy, GK: Abby.

From the first whistle, Rosslyn Park Blues meant business. With a quick turnaround of the first Tiffin centre, the Blues secured the first three goals of the match. The starting line-up showcased solid combinations. Lucy, Abby and Charlotte made interception after interception. Maddie and Tash worked the ball effortlessly down the court, providing perfect feeds into the circle. Kate, taking on the role of rampaging goal attack, proved to be a constant thorn in Tiffin’s defence, working well together with Pip to get the ball to goal. Blues took an early lead of 12-7 in the first quarter.

Keeping the team the same, the intensity continued to rise in the second quarter. The defensive duo of Lucy and Abby formed a barrier that made it challenging for Tiffin to score, and the Blues defence were relentless despite Tiffin’s height. Their coordinated efforts, timely blocks, and strategic positioning showcased defensive prowess, and the freezing temperatures did little to cool down their fiery determination! Blues maintained their lead in the second quarter, 23-19.

In the third quarter, Fran joined the fray as GS, adding a fresh burst of energy to the attacking lineup. Izzy, taking on the WA position, demonstrated agility and court awareness, both seamlessly integrating into the team. Tiffin scored a few quick goals, initially narrowing the scoreline, but the Blues were able to regain control, quickly extending their lead to 33-25. The team’s attacking and defensive units worked in tandem, creating a commanding position.
Kate returned as GA in the final quarter, with Maddie in C and Izzy WA. Charlotte, operating as WD, lived up to her reputation as the interception queen. Her ability to read the game and swiftly cut off passes created turnovers that allowed the Blues to capitalise and convert. Charlotte’s relentless energy and agility saw her zooming around the court, disrupting Tiffin C’s attacking rhythm and securing her a well-deserved Home POM.

As the final whistle blew, Rosslyn Park Blues emerged victorious with a final score of 46-35. The collective efforts of the entire team, from the shooting, to swift circle attack, to the impenetrable defence, secured a well-deserved win. Despite the freezing temperatures, Rosslyn Park Blues heated up the court with a strong performance and team spirit. Thank you to all the wonderful supporters for cheering the girls on from the sideline!

Home POM: Charlotte, Away POM: Abby