MATCH REPORT: Kingston Blues vs Tiffin C



The Rosslyn Park Blues and Tiffin C clashed in a high-stakes netball match at the Rosslyn Park home ground. The match unfolded with intense energy and fierce competition as both teams brought their A-game.

The starting lineup for the Rosslyn Park Blues included Georgie Howes (GS), Lara Thompson (GA), Izzy Murphy (WA), Tasha Levy (C), Charlotte McDonough (WD), Lydia Renouf-Allen (GD), and Jess Turpin (GK).

The match kicked off with Rosslyn Park showing early dominance, as their attacking line led by Georgie Howes (GS) and Lara Thompson (GA) exhibited excellent teamwork and coordination. Lara’s great attacking work in the D was instrumental in creating scoring opportunities for her team. Combined with the precise feeds from Izzy Murphy (WA), Rosslyn Park secured a 16-7 lead by the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter, Maddie Dean came on as WA and Pip Medley came on as GS. Their arrival injected new energy into the team’s attack, and Maddy’s precise feeds to the shooters further increased the team’s scoring opportunities. Tiffin C struggled to break through Rosslyn Park’s tight defense, led by Lydia Renouf-Allen and Jess Turpin. The score at the end of the second quarter stood at 34-15, firmly in Rosslyn Park’s favor.

In the third quarter, Rosslyn Park continued to dominate the court, with Tasha Levy (C) and Charlotte McDonough (WD) facilitating seamless transitions between attack and defense. Tiffin C fought hard, but the Rosslyn Park Blues maintained their lead, with a score of 42-22.

The final quarter witnessed both teams giving it their all. Tiffin C showed remarkable determination, but Rosslyn Park’s well-coordinated gameplay proved too formidable. Maddie Dean’s presence was notable as she generated some great turnovers, disrupting Tiffin C’s attack. Georgie Howes and Pip Medley showcased their prowess in the shooting circle, securing Rosslyn Park’s victory with a final score of 54-28.

In summary, the Rosslyn Park Blues delivered a stellar performance on their home ground, showcasing their teamwork, skill, and determination. Tiffin C displayed tenacity and resilience throughout the match, and it was Rosslyn Park’s day as they emerged victorious with a final score of 54-28. The MVP title went to Pip Medley and Lara Thompson, both demonstrating outstanding attacking work in the D and accurate shooting. Rosslyn Park Blues used a number of different combinations throughout the match demonstrating the depth of talent and teamwork that they possess.