MATCH REPORT: Kingston Blues vs Cobham D



Kingston blues kicked off their match against Cobham on Saturday with a solid team consisting of Annabel Saggers Gk, Jess Turpin GD, Charlotte McDonough WD, Liv Murch C, Lara Thompson WA, Kate Hughes GA and Pip Medley GS.

Jess and Annabel worked well together and put up a strong defence. The first quarter proved more difficult for blues than most previous matches and had to bring their best game. GA and GS worked well together in the circle with Pip having a strong hold, allowing some great shots. The centre court were getting some fantastic interceptions and making use of the whole court.
Score: 8-5 to Park

The team went into the second quarter with the same team. GS got some great over head balls which helped Park continue to lead the game. Liv put her body on the line with a flying interception to change the flow of the court, and lead to a blues goal. Izzy came on to replace her whilst she was getting bandaged up. Score: 21-10 to Park

The third quarter saw a few changes in the line up. Lara moved to GA and, Kate as WA. The defence was strong around the D. The opposing attack were getting into good space and shooting well, which put more pressure on defence but they held their nerve and got lots of intercepts and rebounds. Char (WD) was instrumental with her flying intercepts. The game was calm and controlled. The blues focused on staying ball side which gave us more control in the game. Score: 29-18 to Park

In the final quarter blues maintained their focus and defence, did a solid job of bringing the ball down the court and allowing the attack to stay high for quick court play. The defence and C got some great interceptions.

The home player of the match was GA Kate and away player was Liv (on her debut). Blues maintain their unbeaten record for the season.
Final score: 45-26