MATCH REPORT: Kingston Blues vs Ashtead Allstars C

Rosslyn Park Blues 45-22 Ashtead All stars C


Starting like up: Pip Medley (GS), Kate Hughes (GA), Maddie Dean (WA), Izzy Murphy (C), Nana Totoe (WD), Jess Turpin (GD) and Abby Mahal (GK).

The Rosslyn Park Netball Club’s Kingston Blues had a strong start to their match against Ashtead All Stars C, with the first centre pass going straight to goal.  Izzy Murphy (C) led by example from the centre court, with her strong attack and accurate passing helping to set up many of Rosslyn Park’s goals.

Rosslyn Park continued to dominate the game throughout the first quarter, with their strong defence and accurate shooting giving them a 15-5 lead. In the first quarter, Ashtead tried to attack through the centre court, but Rosslyn Park’s defence was able to close them down and force them into making errors. Kate Hughes (GA) was also in good form, providing strong support for Pip Medley (GS) and finishing with a number of goals of her own.

In the second quarter, Ashtead tried to attack through the wings, but Rosslyn Park’s defence was able to adjust and continue to put pressure on their attackers. Although All Stars C fought back in the second quarter, Rosslyn Park were able to maintain their lead. The Rosslyn Park defence was extremely strong throughout the match, with Nana Totoe (WD), Jess Turpin (GD) and Abby Mahal (GK) all playing excellent netball with many interceptions allowing the team to only concede 5 goals in the second quarter. The score at this point was 25-10.

The third quarter was a change of subs with Lara Thompson coming on as GA, Zoe Grigg taking up the C bib. Maddie Dean (WA) maintained consistency with speed, agility, and passing into the circle. Lara (GA) and Zoe (C) formed a formidable attacking partnership for Rosslyn Park in their victory over Ashtead All Stars C. They were both in excellent form, working well together to create scoring opportunities for themselves and their teammates. Jess Turpin (GD) was a commanding presence in the goal defence position, with her long reach and strong hands making it difficult for Ashtead to score. Abby Mahal was also in good form in the goalkeeper position, making a number of important saves throughout the match. The Rosslyn Park defence worked well as a unit, communicating effectively and supporting each other. They were also able to adapt to Ashtead’s different attacking strategies, making it difficult for them to find a way to score. Third quarter score: 35-17.

The final quester saw Izzy Murphy as C, Zoe Grigg as WA and Kate Hughes as GS. In the fourth quarter, Ashtead tried to mix up their play, but Rosslyn Park’s defence was able to remain focused and disciplined. As a result, Ashtead were only able to score 22 goals throughout the match, a testament to the strength of the Rosslyn Park defence.

Even with a hand injury and last minute subs in the final quater, Rosslyn Park were able to pull away in with their superior fitness and teamwork helping them to secure a 45-22 victory.

Home player of the match:
* Home- Pip Medley (GS) was a standout player for Rosslyn Park, scoring the majority of the goals throughout the match. number of goals from all over the court
* Away- Nana Totoe was particularly effective in the wing defence position, using her speed and agility to intercept passes and disrupt Ashtead’s attacking flow.

Overall, it was a well-deserved victory for Rosslyn Park, who played some excellent netball throughout the match. Well done Blues.