MATCH REPORT: Capitals Nuns A vs Surrey

Capital Nuns A 27-35 Rosslyn Park Surrey

Saturday 9th December

Starting Line Up: GK – Hannah Wally GD- Annabel Saggers, WD – Jude Lewis, C- Lucy Paterson, WA– Hannah McNally, GA – Fran Bennett,  GS – Charli Hicks
Subs – Elin Murphy, Alex Addison, Milly Marsh

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and the Surrey team showcased their festive flair, neatly wrapping up the first half of the season in a dazzling display. They sleighed the competition, beating the Capital Nuns 35-27. Despite having a squad plagued by illnesses and being heavily depleted, Surrey tapped into the depth in club talent, with Charli Hicks and Milly Marsh stepping up.

The first quarter resembled a wild snowstorm, with the team navigating through new combinations against an exceptional opposing team. However, under the guidance of VC Jude Lewis at WD, they quickly steadied the sleigh and ensured the play waltzed through the center court. The quarter ended in a festive tie at 8-8.

Now in the zone, the players delivered masterclasses in rampaging, with GA Fran Bennett putting Rudolph to shame with her leaps and feeds into Charli at GS, who displayed ice-cold calm in her shooting game. The Nuns continued to challenge Surrey, leaving those on the sidelines exhilarated with the exceptional netball on display. End-to-end play forced both sides to showcase exemplary levels of fitness, with special shout-outs to the relentless Hannah McNally at WA and Lucy Paterson at C who ploughed through the Nuns defence. This left the scores at halftime sitting at a festive 15-13.

Both teams’ defenses were personifications of class, urging both teams shooters to dig deep and play the ball around. Elin Murphy, stepping in at C, displayed sniper precision with her feeds. Throughout the season, Surrey’s captain, Hannah Wally at GK, and Annabel Saggers at GD, proved to be the ultimate defending duo, setting each other up for flying interceptions and serving as the golden core the team needed to create festive magic up court. The scores at the end of the third quarter were a close 23-22.

As the match entered the fourth quarter, Surrey’s quality and ability to remain calm and collected came into its own. Milly, stepping into WA, and Alex Addison in as WD injected the fresh energy needed to push the team into both their highest-scoring and lowest-conceding quarter, with 12 goals against 5. The team displayed true grit, fighting for each other to fend off excellent attacks from the Nuns. The final scores rang out like carolers singing in harmony—35-27.