Shaun Justice to step down as Managing Director of Rosslyn Park FC

March 7, 2017

The Board of Rosslyn Park FC wish to announce that Shaun Justice is to step down as Managing Director of the Club. Shaun officially informed the Management Board in early January that he would like to step down at the end of our financial year- 30th June 2017 in order to pursue other opportunities.

Having played for Rosslyn Park between 2003-2006 (retiring with a neck fracture), Shaun has subsequently been with the club for 8 years, first as Director of Rugby and then for the last 5 years as Managing Director. During his tenure, Shaun has led the transformation of the club both on and off the field and understandably, he now feels it is the right time for a new challenge.

Shaun has led an amazing transformation in his time here. He has driven every part of the club forward, both on and off the field, taking on projects that, at one time, may have seemed far-fetched but which have become a reality under his leadership, drive and ambition.

Eight years ago. Park was a club that was struggling with possible relegation from the National Leagues and off the field, despite best efforts, we were facing huge commercial challenges in everything that we did, from the day to day running of the club to the events that we were hosting using the outdated and inadequate facilities.

We are a very different club today. Largely thanks to Shaun we are a thriving, inclusive rugby club that is underpinned by successful commercial activities.

Our 1st XV squad and coaches have been consistently challenging at the very top of National League One rugby for the last four seasons. They are watched regularly by our loyal membership, which is at buoyant levels across our Minis, Youth, Ladies, Social and Non-Playing sections.

Away from the 1st XV Rugby, our flagship Floodlit 7’s and National School 7’s Tournaments have grown and improved beyond all recognition. Sponsorship of these events and the club is both diverse and at an all time high. Three years ago, Shaun led the vision and took the initiative to drive the multi year project to generate a £1 million investment in the club’s facilities that has given both our membership and the local community the wonderful pitch that we play on today. On match days the club is enjoying record gate and bar revenues and away from match days, the club is commercially active and successful in hiring out all it’s facilities.

Aside from these many tangible successes, during the last 8 years the club has also become a closer community. We are lucky enough to have an incredibly diverse membership but bringing all those interests together under the same name can be a challenge that Shaun has managed to successfully navigate.

Therefore on behalf of the Board and wider membership of Rosslyn Park, I would like to thank Shaun for all that he has contributed to our club and to wish him every success in the future.

The Board have asked Shaun to remain as a member of the Board, albeit in a non-executive capacity, after his departure and I am delighted to say Shaun has accepted with a formal vote at our members AGM in September.

Thank-you Shaun!

Adam Tyrer, Chairman Rosslyn Park FC

Shaun Justice said:
“I feel incredibly proud and privileged to have worked at Rosslyn Park in the roles of Director of Rugby and Managing Director.

I have made the decision to leave the role as Managing Director primarily as I am in need of a new challenge and feel that now is a good time for the club and myself to make that move.

When I think back to the early days as DOR, we were fighting for National league survival.

Off the field and over the last 6 years in the role of MD the growth of the business in this period is incredibly pleasing. The progression of our amazing tournaments, the planning and delivery of sustainable income lines , the installation of the artificial pitch and development project have provided Rosslyn Park and its local community with a legacy it can build on and look forward to great times ahead. I have too many people to thank and will ensure that I do that in person over the next few months.

I look forward to sharing a beer with so many Park friends between now and the end of the season and without doubt sharing a few more on the touchline in years to com”.

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